This fall, Design Fair Paris has decided to pay tribute to "The Great Adventure Prisunic" which, from the end of the sixties, has totally revolutionized the way of considering the popular trade; indeed, never had a trade compagny displayed this aesthetic requirement and received so many resonances in all strata of French society.

The exhibition-event

"Exhibition PRISUNIC : The beautiful at the price of ugly"

More than 100 posters, thermoformed posters, all furniture catalogs and a selection of furniture present the unprecedented adventure of Prisunic in the late '60s


At the end of the sixties, the Prisunic adventure, under the artistic direction of Denise Fayolle and Jacques Lavaux, shows an inventiveness and an avant-gardism that will have no equivalent in France or in Europe .
From an exceptional collection of more than one hundred posters and dozens of 2 or 3 dimensional graphic media that have been passionately rediscovered for years by the bookseller Michael Seksik, and a selection of iconic furniture lent for the occasion by XXO, Design Fair Paris invites you to discover the total, original and demanding universe of Prisunic that preached "the beautiful at the price of ugly" and has really played a key role in France on access to style, and moreover modern, from all classes of society.

Following the stock market crash of 1929, Le Printemps decided to revitalize its sales by creating a new concept whose slogan is then "Special Sale at unique prices". In 1936, at the time of paid holidays and more generalized access to leisure in France, the brand chose its final name, it will be "Prisunic".

Poster of the cover of the catalogue Prisunic n°5 - Collection Librairie Michael Seksik

After the war, the French went in numbers to the Salons des Arts Ménagers (nearly 1 million 500 thousand visitors in 1962 ...), that women dream of toaster and washing machine while discovering, in magazines, the "New Look" by Dior ... Prisunic will bet on offering well-designed daily objects, with neat and refined packaging ... with a 100% contemporary and completely new identity that will be applied to products for sale, but also advertising, presentation of collections (the first fashion shows in music is Prisunic ...) and until the decoration of stores.

To orchestrate this revolution, Jacques Gueden then director of Prisunic, appointed Denise Fayolle to the direction of style and advertising. The one who asks "Why popular would it synonymous with ugly?" will develop from 1953 to 1967, a quality aesthetic, a Prisunic style so that "the adventure of beauty for all" can begin. When she left in 1967 to found the Mafia agency, Jacques Lavaux took over the torch with exactly the same spirit and the same requirements. From the first years, this innovative approach meets an incredible resonance in French society and success is at the rendezvous.

Poster Noel 71 Prisunic - Collection Librairie Michael Seksik

In addition to the permanent team of about 40 people including Andrée Putman ..., Denise Fayolle, joined by Maïmé Arnodin, uses renowned photographers, graphic designers and illustrators: Roman Cieslewicz, Georges Lemine, Jean- Michel Folon ... or Friedmann HAUSS, graphic designer and photographer whose "summer 70" poster wins the ELLE Journal Reader's Prize; or Terence Conran for furniture.

For the first time in France, Prisunic offers a global and coherent universe for the entire living environment: a completely new "total look".

The exhibition on Design Fair Paris, is presented by Michael Seksik, bookseller for over 20 years and expert in illustration and graphic arts in the form of books, posters and photographs. For the first time, he presents a collection of over one hundred posters, all Prisunic sales catalogs, thermoformed posters ... accompanied by a selection of pieces of furniture exceptionally lent by XXO, which testifies to the positioning avant-garde brand, also in the field of design and decoration. This exhibition demonstrates the great graphic and creative power of Prisunic during these years, as well as, through the influence of currents like Pop Art, the Push Pin Studio (Michael Glaser, Tom Wiesselman ...) but also I. Noguchi on these productions, its truly artistic reach that goes far beyond the spheres of advertising and marketing.

Poster Style Schuss - Photographer Marcel DUFFAS for Prisunic - Collection Librairie Michael Seksik

Prisunic' furnitures is the one that was chosen by Edmonde Charles-Roux and Gaston Deferre to equip, in its entirety, the apartment they had on the old port in Marseille in the late seventies. In 2008, Edmonde Charles-Roux entrusts to Anne Bony (for his book "Prisunic and Design" published in alternative editions: "The elegant objects are the only ones that last (...) We lived 10 years in this apartment (...) Le furniture was standing out on white walls, this was one of my favorite apartments. "

Lit Prisunic © XXO

Bed edited by Prisunic © XXO

This exceptional presentation of furniture and graphic documents of Prisunic testifies to the avant-gardism of the brand in all the creative fields ...